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The following table shows the packages used to develop and run the diveRpine package:

Package Version Citation
base 4.2.1 R Core Team (2022)
DT 0.26 Xie et al. (2022)
grateful 0.1.11 Rodríguez-Sánchez et al. (2022)
knitr 1.41 Xie (2014); Xie (2015); Xie (2022)
landscapeR 1.2 Masante (2017)
markdown 1.1 Allaire et al. (2019)
pkgdown 2.0.7 Wickham et al. (2022)
raster 3.6.11 Hijmans (2022)
rasterVis 0.51.4 Perpiñán and Hijmans (2022)
RColorBrewer 1.1.3 Neuwirth (2022)
Rdpack 2.4 Boshnakov (2022)
rgeos 0.6.1 Bivand and Rundel (2022)
rintrojs 0.3.2 Ganz (2016)
rmarkdown 2.19 Xie et al. (2018); Xie et al. (2020); Allaire et al. (2022)
sf 1.0.9 Pebesma (2018)
shiny 1.7.4 Chang et al. (2022)
shinycssloaders 1.0.0 Sali and Attali (2020)
shinydashboard 0.7.2 Chang and Borges Ribeiro (2021)
shinyjs 2.1.0 Attali (2021)
shinythemes 1.2.0 Chang (2021)
shinyWidgets 0.7.5 Perrier et al. (2022)
sp 1.5.1 Pebesma and Bivand (2005); Bivand et al. (2013)
spelling 2.2 Ooms and Hester (2020)
tidyverse 1.3.2 Wickham et al. (2019)


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Allaire, J., Xie, Y., McPherson, J., Luraschi, J., Ushey, K., Atkins, A., Wickham, H., Cheng, J., Chang, W. and Iannone, R. (2022). Rmarkdown: Dynamic documents for r. R package version 2.19.
Attali, D. (2021). Shinyjs: Easily improve the user experience of your shiny apps in seconds. R package version 2.1.0.
Bivand, R. and Rundel, C. (2022). Rgeos: Interface to geometry engine - open source (’GEOS’). R package version 0.6-1.
Bivand, R. S., Pebesma, E. and Gomez-Rubio, V. (2013). Applied spatial data analysis with R, second edition. Springer, NY.
Boshnakov, G. N. (2022). Rdpack: Update and manipulate rd documentation objects.
Chang, W. (2021). Shinythemes: Themes for shiny. R package version 1.2.0.
Chang, W. and Borges Ribeiro, B. (2021). Shinydashboard: Create dashboards with ’shiny’. R package version 0.7.2.
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Ganz, C. (2016). rintrojs: A wrapper for the intro.js library. Journal of Open Source Software 1,.
Hijmans, R. J. (2022). Raster: Geographic data analysis and modeling. R package version 3.6-11.
Masante, D. (2017). landscapeR: Categorical landscape simulation facility. R package version 1.2.
Neuwirth, E. (2022). RColorBrewer: ColorBrewer palettes. R package version 1.1-3.
Ooms, J. and Hester, J. (2020). Spelling: Tools for spell checking in r. R package version 2.2.
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