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diveRpine 1.2.0

General comments

  • Add a new vignette with all the packages used to develop the diveRpine.

Major changes

  • Init parameters:

    • init_params.R script was removed from the app. The parameters were located at different functions or files.
    • The new function create_landscape() creates an empty landscape
    • old nf_value specified at init_params were set by default to 2 in the functions dist2nf(), potential_dispersion().
    • old pp_value specified at init_params were set by default to 1 in the functions potential_dispersion(), and input_progagule().
    • A block of code with some initialize parameters was added to server.R of the shinyapp.
    • ri_range, i.e. the minimum and maximum values of plant richness in each of the landscape class are incorporated in the function initRichness(). In the app the default values of this dataframe was used for the study area (Sierra Nevada, southern Spain).
  • The documentation of functions has been updated and improved.

  • A new module has been implemented in the app to incorporate the climate-proxy functions, using the equation from Gómez-Aparicio et al. (2009)

  • Several vignettes are added containing detailed manual of how diveRpine runs.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • fix minor typo on code comments of the functions
  • Evaluates and set default arguments in dist2nf(), initRichness(), input_progagule(), potential_dispersion().
  • Improve the vignette of supporting references (using a .bib file).

diveRpine 1.1.0

General comments

diveRpine 1.0.1

General comments

  • Change name to diveRpine (diversification of pine plantation)
  • Improve documentation of all functioms
  • Add namespace of several functions, e.g.: as() to methods::as()

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • fix minor typo on code comments in initRichness.R

  • createLandscape.R:

    • remove code block commented
    • improve code styling
    • improve code comments
    • change ratify factor levels
  • Improve function documentation

diveRpine 1.0.0

General comments

  • Release app for academic purposes (respineDocencia)